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Mining Engineering Careers

What do Mining Engineers do?

Mining Engineering provides the raw materials and energy resources needed to sustain modern civilization. Mining Engineers are trained to determine the safest most sustainable way to remove these materials from the Earth. They must be innovated and well trained to meet the ever-increasing world demand for energy and mineral resources. The average American consumes approximately 45,000 pounds of minerals, metals, and fuels each year, making mining an indispensable part of our daily life and world economy.


  • Mining Engineer
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Manager of Mine Technical Services
  • Project Engineer
  • Manager of Operations
  • Mine Production
  • Superintendent of Mining
  • Mine Reclamation
  • Safety Engineer
  • Mine Product Marketing
  • Mine Design

Starting Salary

Starting Salary: $65,000 Average Salary: $84,320

Who Hires Our Students?

Companies specifically seek out our students and graduates by coming to campus to interview and hire our students for internships and full-time employment. Some companies that have come to recruit our students include: Rio Tinto, Freeport McMoRan, Kinross Gold, Newmont Mining, Barrick Gold, CONSOL Energy, BHP Billiton New Mexico Coal, Peabody Energy, Arch Coal, Bowie Resources, Foresight Coal, Walter Resources, CS Mining, Graymont Lime, Monsanto Chemicals, Simplot Phosphate, and Questar.

Click here for a more detailed list of who hires our graduates

Last Updated: 7/8/19