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As our Mining Engineering family continues to grow, we find ourselves searching for ways to maintain the meaningful connections we formed with one another. As a result, we created this space with all graduates, former students, faculty, staff and friends of the Mining Engineering department in mind. The purpose of this page is to connect alumni to the Mining Engineering department and each other by providing valuable updates, opportunities and resources. Remember, just because you've graduated doesn’t mean we can't stay connected. As a Mining Engineering graduate, you're among a community of alumni that spreads across the world and is over 600 members strong.



Service Opportunities

The art of charitable giving is known as philanthropy. Philanthropy is based on an altruistic desire to help and on the belief that we can all impact our communities for the better. The wonderful thing about philanthropy is that is does not have to be extravagant to be meaningful.

Even though charitable donations are often the first thing that comes to people’s mind, philanthropic efforts stretch far beyond that. Yes, charitable donations are much needed but there are many ways individuals can give back to the Mining Engineering community at the University of Utah. Your time, talents and influence can all make positive, long-lasting impacts within our department and in the lives of our students.

Mining News

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Invest in the Future

Many of you benefited from the scholarship program at the Mining Engineering Department having received a Browning scholarship at some point during your academic career. You can continue to make the same opportunities you beneffitted from available to a future generation of mining engineers by taking an active role in supporting our program. If you received the Browning Scholarship for only two years you may have received up to $8000.  Your one time donation of a semester of support, $2000, makes a great difference to maintaining the University of Utah's Mining Engineering Department's continuing success. Your donation is tax deductible and easily done online.  


Department Gear

Display your alumni pride! Visit our marketplace to purchase Mining Engineering Department gear, including this great-looking crew neck sweatshirt worn by Bonnie Erdenkhuyag.


Erdenekhuyag Bilguunkhavar


Last Updated: 4/30/21